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I'm a freelance writer and content producer.

Through years of experience creating beautiful and compelling content for (mostly) one brand, I found I was more driven and inspired when working on a variety of projects.

Everyone needs a writer to sound less business-y and more conversational-y; to speak to specific audiences in a way that is engaging, not dismissive; to tell not just the story, but the right story. Everyone wants their product, production, and self to be unique and memorable in ways that matter but also, you know, do no harm.

I've primarily worked with agencies who need a fresh perspective. As a former cable network staffer, I understand what it's like to get bogged down in briefs, deliverables and what-we've-done-before. I've written concept pitches, treatments and taglines. I've written bios, reviews and website copy.

Additionally, I know producer is a vague term. If you're in the creative industry, you probably know thousands of producers. Really. What I do as a producer is take a concept and help mold it into a tangible thing. I organize presentations and spreadsheets, I talk to people and keep up email chains; I relay deliverables, revisions, context and deadlines in an appropriate font size.

Let’s meet or e-meet. Let’s have coffee. Let’s talk about how we can work together.

Email me: sam(dot)storey@gmail.com OR fill out the form below and let's connect.