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My goal in creating ths blog was first to have a place I could generate content on a semi-daily basis, and second, to take in and really focus on the world around me. I found that my best and favorite work was done when I was in a good state of mind and for the most, that happened for me outside of the conventional office space.


It's true, I am also on Instagram. I started using the platform back in 2010 so it's a veritable time machine now. I realized recently, more than anything I've contributed to the web in my years, Instagram is probably the most accurate and authentic portrait of my life in the past eight years.

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I've been on Twitter since it began in 2007. I'm not sure if that's a good or bad thing, but after reading my collected tweets I can promise you, there's not a surprise novel of a insights. I love being on Twitter because, like Instagram, I'm able to follow so many people whose insights I do value and news I do care to read.

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Working Not Working is a social network-like platform with the aim of connecting freelancers to companies in need of creative services. See, Ad Age even wrote about it.

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I love looking back on what I've read and learned. I used to keep hand-written logs but GoodReads replaces all that. Log your books, get recommendations, follow authors, hear about new books, win books - it's a place for book fans.


Longtime reader, new poster. Medium is one of my favorite sources for compelling takes not only on the stories of the day but also on stories that specifially interest me. You pick your interests, they pick the stories. I hope to be posting more frequently there in there in the future.